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The End Chapter 7

CHAPTER SEVEN: “What makes you the boss of me?”

There were now ten total survivors when the three girls returned. The four newcomers had just arrived into the city from a bus they found. There were Asian twins, named Jun and May, a girl with dark hair named Dess, and an airline pilot named John. Also, there was a British girl by the name of Emily.

Kristin instantly warmed up to Dess and Emily. It was nice to have some girls her age around. However, May and Jun seemed to always stay a distance from the rest of the group as they traveled through the city, searching for other survivors.

“So,” Dess was saying, “we found the bus and it was empty. So we drove here.”

“They picked me up right inside the city limits, pure luck really,” Emily spoke up.

“How so?”

“I was so scared to leave my apartment yesterday, but I needed to get some food, so I left. Just as I left my building, I saw the bus drive by.”

“Okay, so what’s up with the twins?” Jeff asked, walking up to them.

“Oh, the older one is May, she’s the one who looks like her age, maybe younger. Jun is the conservative dressed one. You’d never guess she was the younger, right?” Emily explained.

“I’ll go out on a limb here and say they were born on May 31st and June 1st, right?” Kristin said, laughing a little.

“That’s my guess too,” Dess said, “Only May speaks English. And even then, it’s usually something negative.”

Kristin looked at Jeff, “Sound familiar?”

Dess looked at the others, they were behind them, by about 20 feet, oblivious to the conversation about them.

“What’s with you guys? How’d you guys all meet up?”

Kristin laughed, “Long story.”


As the group reached the center of the city, they noticed that the potholes that were scattered around had gotten larger.

“How do you think that happened? All the holes I mean?” Emily asked.

“Not sure. Pete fell into one, he said there was something inside it,” replied Kristin.

“Huh…He sure about that?” Dess asked.

“Positive. Have you seen my shoe?” Pete remarked. “Speaking of which, do you think we could get some different clothes and stuff? I’m startin’ to smell.”

Jeff walked by quickly, heading toward one of the buildings with one of the holes in front of it, “You’ve always smelled. Fact of life you’ve always denied.”

Pete stopped and stared at his friend, jaw dropped.

“That’s just rude, man...”

“You asked.”

“So is the answer a ‘yes’ then?”

“Unless the world suddenly regains its population while we’re shoplifting, I don’t think anybody cares at the moment.”

“That’s a ‘yes’ you idiot,” May quipped from behind Pete, before shoving her way past him.

“Hey! Don’t be so rude! There’s like, a whole street for you to walk on, why walk where I walk?” Pete yelled after her.

May stopped and turned around to face him. She was close to the edge of one of the potholes.

“What makes you the boss of me? You have no idea what my family has gone through to get here, and then have this happen and leave me with my sister! We fought our way up from the bottom of the crowd – “ she shrieked as a dark…thing – reached up from the pothole and grabbed her ankle and with a quick jerk, pulled her down inside.

“May!” John yelled and ran toward the hole. Everybody got to the edge and stared down inside, trying to find any sign of May.

There was nothing. Not even a sound. No screams, no tearing of flesh, nothing. Complete silence.

“Oh my god,” Emily whispered softly.

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Slight Memoria delay

Memoria is being delayed slightly until the 17th of October (shiny nickel to whoever can tell me why!), and after that, it will resume it's usual 1-2 videos a week routine.

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The End: Chapter 6

CHAPTER SIX: “The Threat grows near.”

The first night after what would later be called The Fall had everyone that survived on edge. They did not know what was to come of the world they were forced to live in. Or even what lived with them.


Jeff had a dream the first night. He had already taken his watch, and was settling in for the remaining few hours he had left before sunrise. It had been a very boring night, and Calendar had not made it any easier. It seemed like she had gone out of her way to make their watch the most miserable time of his life.

But nothing compared to the dream he had that night.

It was simple, no crazy hidden messages in the scenery or anything like that. It was just him in the same place he was when he fell asleep. He was standing there and right in front of him was a girl. She was about ten years old, dirty blonde hair, serious look on her face.

“The Threat grows near,” she was saying.


“More are coming. The city will be the battlefield. Many will die.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t trust your eyes. Your ears. Your mind. Things will be false. She will be false,” the girl replied simply.

Then Jeff woke up.

“You okay man?” Pete asked. The entire group was around him, staring.

“What’s up? Something wrong?”

“You were screaming,” Alana said.

“Oh. It – uh – it must’ve been a bad dream, that’s all.” Calendar stared hard at him.

“Well, I heard some voices, so I’m gonna go check I out,” Kristin declared, standing up.

“I’ll go with,” Pete replied quickly.

“No, I think you should stay with Jeff. We girls can handle one outing on our own,” with that said, the three women rose and began walking down the street toward where the voices were being heard.

“Pete,” Jeff said after they were out of earshot.

“What’s up man?”

“That dream…We can’t leave this city. The girl said so. It was weird. I get the feeling that what she said should be taken seriously.”

“Girl? Predicting the future I take it?”

“Yeah. You don’t believe me, do you?”

“I don’t know. After what’s happened in the past day or two, I’m not sure what to believe. But I trust you. And Kristin. Alana too. Not Calendar. Something’s off with her, y’know?”

“Yeah, I get what you mean.”

“Plus the fact that I had the same dream.”

Jeff stared at Pete.


Pete shrugged, “I kinda saw it all from your eyes though. I mean, I could tell it was your eyes, y’know?”

“Not really, but you understand what I mean, right?”

“Yeah. I think Kristin got the message too. They way she reacted seemed, weird.”

“It seems too odd that we had the same dream,” Jeff rubbed his eyes.

“Not the same dream. We just saw the same thing,” a voice spoke from behind them. They both leaped to their feet and spun to face the newcomer.

It was Kristin. She had somehow ditched the two social workers and had made her way back to their campsite.

“Jeff, you were the one with the dream, not me or Pete.”

“So what does it mean?”

“I’m not sure yet. All I know is that if – when – we find my aunt, we’ll find some answers.”

Jeff glared at the blonde girl, “How can you be so sure?”

Kristin stared him in his eyes, “She has experience with this kind of stuff. Now, I think we should keep this a secret. Just the three of us, okay? I hate to keep Alana out of the loop, but it’s a safety measure. Calendar can’t be trusted. We can’t tell her anything.”

“But what if they try to leave the city?” Pete asked. Good point.

“Remember what the girl said: ‘the city is the battleground.’ Do you really think any of us have a say in if we leave or not?”

She let the question hang in the air for a moment before heading back the way she came, saying, “I need to get back to them. We need to find the other survivors.”

Jeff and Pete stared at her retreating form, thinking separate thoughts with the same message being put across:

This was only the beginning of it all…

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"it's all love"

love. it's always about love. after the sun sets on our day, our minds are always thinking about that one person that completes us. We may not know it's them, but the thought always crops up in one way or another. It could have been an argument with that person about something stupid, or finding them alone in the hallway, but the memory will show up for even a brief moment.

But this isn't about thinking about love. This is all about not letting it go. When you have it, when it is on your hands, don't ever take it for granted. Find that one person and hold on to them. Do not let them go. Because you never know if that one moment with them will be the last you have. It's scary to think like that, but if you never hold on to love, it leaves and becomes the thing of tragic poems and epic Shakespearean tragedies.

So hold on to love. Please. That's what we were always meant to find in this world, and if we leave it without ever letting the one know, it makes everything, EVERYTHING, seem pointless.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

okay, this is a true sign I am a LOST freak....

I had a dream about it. In my opinion, this would be a kick ass ending for the current season (season 4).

We see a plane landing, it's an Oceanic Airlines plane. As it touches down we CUT to...

KATE's face. She looks kinda bored, like she's been flying for hours...we hear an alarm sound and the sound of metal groaning CUT

The PLANE is seen on the runway, splitting in half. The back half skids out of sight/off screen.
the front half begins to lean back and begins to scrape the runway. CUT

KATE again. She seems to have been expecting this. She is not panicked like the other passengers, she almost keeps the same expression from before until she looks out of the window...She then shows an expression of complete shock/horror and then CUT TO BLACK

and then we hear the Smoke Monster's siren and creaking noises....then LOST

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RP07- Series updates in May/June

okay guys! what's going on?

Thanks for the votes, they are being taken into severe consideration...and the results will be seen soon enough, trust me.

I hope that the past few videos have been living up to expectations, and I assure you, the final few of the season will be so much better.

Speaking of which, there should've been a new F0 video up tonight, but as we all know, youtube can be a royal pain in the ass, and it won't upload it at all.

These next few vids will be setting things up for a huge finale, which will leave questions answered and more questions brought up.

I have a teaser for season 4 in the works, and it ties into the season and its theme which is: Memoria

yes, folks, expect lots of flashy stuff next season, and enjoy a bit of a lighter mood throughout...I want it to be somewhat bright before the big fall...I hope that doesn't give too much away.

So, sit back and enjoy the rest of season 3, that is, of course, I can ever get any videos up and running anymore...

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RP07 notice: Comments are needed!

okayokay! I know this season has been promising big stuff and has been showing little of it, but I'm having personal issues that are affecting the process...NONE THE LESS! I do have a very important thing that needs to be brought up.

I would like for you, the viewers, to comment in this entry, WHO IS YOU FAVORITE CHARACTER, AND WHO IS YOU LEAST FAVORITE

This is will help shape the the future of the series, giving certain characters "screen time" as it were. So go ahead, think it over and when you are ready, click the add comment button or w/e it is, and just list your fav. and your least fav. character on RP07.

thank you.

(btw the characters are: RMECPirate07, BluePeep39, Fractured 0, Contre l'Oppression, GoNoodles, and RetroGirl87)

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new piece, acoustic

You know they say that heartache hurts
And that it helps us grow in the end
But they don’t know how much
It pains me to be from you

But it’s okay I guess
They’ll learn it all one day
I keep doin’ my best
To make it on my way

But oh, how I wish to be with you
Tonight and all of this day

Friday, April 25, 2008

Here's a snippet of my new work

Stand up my brothers
Raise up your arms

This war is cruel it can't be refined
The blood of the innocent has been spilled
Together we stand our will won't be denied
Our march for justice will not be stilled

Okay, I'm really sorry that RP07 hasn't been as intense as may have been hoped, but the video will be up soon that will blow y'all away...I hope.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Ignorant, you fools lie in soft beds
None notice how hard it is to breathe
As the clouds fall over our heads
A storm gathers out upon the sea

Look up into the sky
Don’t you see the birds fly’n low?
Don’t you all realize
That our end is coming now?

It’s coming now the swirling storm of death
And you never listened to my warnings
So after this night of flood and hellish breath
We’ll see who has survived in the morning

For from the rubble we shall rise again
And our past transgressions be forgiven

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

new Lyrics: "The Herald"

[this is something I've been working on since last night, and it's coming along nicely, just needs a few more lines, and well, of course, music, but it is!]

Ignorant while you lie in soft beds
None notice how hard it is to breathe
The clouds are falling over our heads
A storm is growing out in the sea

Look up into the sky
Don't you see the birds fly'n low?
Don't you all realize
That our end is coming now

It's coming now
The swirling storm of pain
And you never listened to my warnings

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RP07- delay in videos?

I'm having some troubles trying to do the filming necessary to continue the plotline in the desired direction, but that doesn't exactly mean that the others in the series should stop. Alex and Liv: feel free to post videos as often as you see fit, and I'll try to help where I can.

I hope to be able to put a couple of videos up real soon, so hold on tight guys!


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RP07- How different things could've been

As most of you know, Volume 2 had a major puzzle inside of it. Unfortunately, it wasn't solved soon enough to do much good. And as such (you shall face our wrath! ^-^) the season and in fact the series took a much more darker turn.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that I'm blaming y'all for that, in fact, I had two different storylines to go off of from that timeframe of the base-8 puzzle. The current path just so happens to be the much longer and more creative of the 2, so actually I'm happy that you didn't solve the puzzle in time (me: I just wrote that???)!

If things had prgressed differently, the series probably would've ended this season, and been a lot more brighter as a finale, but since the series is now a very different series, it has to be reworked and has become better than I had hoped.

I mean, I never would've had two new characters if the puzzle was solved earlier! So basically this is a really big thank you to all of you out there!!!!!

Also, I would like to thank *Academy Awards music picks up and gets louder* Greg Gallows and Virginian9000 for putting up my videos on LG15 guys are awesome! And to Diane, for being a huge help in with me getting to know how things work on the forums!

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RP07 Volume 3 characters & a video puzzle

Okay, so now that Volume (season, w/e) 3 of RP07 is up and running, I thought I should give all of you a some insight as to just who is now a part of things:

There's the usual (RMEC, BluePeep, Contre, Fractured)

and as you may have noticed, RETROGIRL87 has joined.

Also, GONOODLES is a member of the crew, and has posted up a video that is has a simple puzzle element to it.

so any assistance will be appreciated by everyone (especially The Agent and Fractured), so go use your totally superior puzzle solving skills and help them out!

also, because i have no idea what the puzzle even says, so yeah...)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"The End" Chappie 5

CHAPTER FIVE: “Leave now or else.”

Terry Anderson wasn’t caring about what was going on with all the disappearances. He wasn’t caring about what was going to happen to those who were left. He in general wasn’t caring about anything about the future, or anything at all.

Except yesterday.

Yesterday was truly a day to remember in his book. It had started off with treating his ex-wife’s new son’s sprained arm. He remembered taking a deep breath before turning into Room 39.

“Terry? Is he going to be okay?” Diana Jones asked, “I mean, of course he’s going to be okay, it’s just that is there anything else to be worried about?”

You mean besides you leaving me as opposed to working things out?

“No. Nothing,” He began to turn away.

“Wait, Terry.” Damn it.


“I…Thank you. For taking it all so easy. I just couldn’t – “ Don’t you say it, “ – you know – “ Don’t you dare, “ – go on with it.” Bitch.

“It’s alright, really,” Like hell it was.

“You know I still love you, right?” she touched his arm.

Terry looked at her face and saw

something wrong in her eyes.

“Don’t lie. You wouldn’t have left if you still did.”

“Terry…” Shocked. Found out.

“Get his kid, and get out of here. I’ve got work to do. I’m busy,” Terry didn’t wait for a

response, and as he had turned out of the room, he remembered thinking, What was that? How did I know?


That had only been the start of the weirdness. Later that day, when he was having lunch with his friend, Dr. Jim Grey, he had the dizzy spell.

“Dude, it’s better for everyone if you just don’t think about marriages and all that stuff. Live in the Now, and all. That’s all I’m sayin’,” Jim advised.

“Easier said than done. Look at you; you’ve never had to worry about the pressures of marriage by your parents. They were trying to get me married when I was a freshman in college. It was insane.”

“I get what you mean. Just take it easy, things will get better, I promise.”

“I hope you’re right,” Terry stood up and things got blurry, he could swear he was seeing different colors around everyone’s heads. Red, blue, green, even purple…Everywhere, spinning, blurring, mixing…Darkening…

He remembered hearing Jim asking for some help before he faded into darkness.


When Terry woke up, he immediately got out of the bed he was in, and began to walk out of the room he had been placed in. And, of course, Jim was there to grab him and force him to sit back down.

“I can’t, I have that review to go to,” Terry mumbled.

“You missed it man,” Jim said, “They told you to take some time off. Until things clear up for you. When you’re checked out and back to normal.”

“I’m fine. And I don’t have cancer or anything of the like. I just got dizzy, that’s all.”

“You yelled out some stuff about the colors you were seeing. You said I was purple and blue, if I recall right.”

“Let me talk to the Board, Jim.”

“Fine. There’s no stopping you anyway, so better to give in early than to tire you out too much beforehand.”

So Terry made his way to the Board’s room. He stormed in, and demanded that he be allowed to keep working as opposed to ‘taking time off.’

“Dr. Anderson,” the Head of the Board said sternly, “if you do not leave this hospital at this moment, and stay away from your duties until you are back to your old self, we will have to remove you from your position.”

“You can’t do that. That’s not reasonable. I’m the best surgeon you have here! You can’t afford to keep me from my patients!”

“Leave now or else, that is final.”

And so Terry Anderson left the Moonlight Hospital of Maine. When the night before what would later be known as The Fall approached, Terry fell asleep thinking about what had happened in Room 39.


Terry Anderson’s last waking thought that night was what had happened in Room 39. Today, he sat thinking about what had happened in the room he currently sat in.

Room 39.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

"The End" chappie 4

CHAPTER FOUR: “Thank you Mr. Obvious.”

“What’s going on? Who’d he bring?” Kristin heard Pete ask, but she wasn’t paying attention to him. Her eyes were stuck on the two women that were with Jeff. Both were older than the three of them, but still looked young. One was obviously Hispanic, and the other had to have some European country in her.

Kristin knew both of these women. Their names were Alana Gonzalez, and Michelle Calendar.

Alana was okay, she had helped Kristin get her rather short job at Conflagration. As for Calendar…Well, easily put, no bitch was worse. Calendar had a nasty habit of wanting Kristin and at least two other people in jail constantly. And by the look on Jeff’s face, as he ran up to her rope in hand, he was one of the other to people.

Well, Kristin thought, isn’t this going to be a happy little reunion of friends?

“You’re here too? I should of guessed it. Let me guess, that loser with no hair’s still hanging on?” Calendar sneered.

“For your information, I’m not bald! I do have hair! I just like it short!” Pete called from the hole.


“Are you okay?” Alana called, ignoring the other woman. Considering they were both social workers for all three of them it seemed really odd how different they were. Good and evil. Yin and Yang.

Oh, and the fact that they were both also still in the city was adding more to the oddity of it all.

“Yeah, I’m fine ma’am. Just how much long…er…GUYS? HURRY!!” Pete screamed.

“What? What is it?” Kristin asked, panic apparent in her voice.

“There’s something down here!”

Kristin looked at Jeff. He was just standing there, stunned.

“Give me the rope!” she yelled, and pulled it away from him. He gave it up without a fight.

“Let me help,” Alana said, helping untangle an end of the rope from its knot.

“C’mon…It’s seen me! I know it! It’s gonna get me, hurry!”

Kristin freed her end and threw it down the hole. She felt a tug. With a nod to Alana, the two women began to pull Pete from the hole. Just as they could see his head, a force pulled him back down.

“HELP!” Alana, Kristin, and Pete screamed. It knocked Jeff from his stasis, and with his help and Calendar’s, they pulled Pete from the hole entirely.

The five of them scrambled away from the hole, and turned and stared…Waited for something to come out after them. Minutes passed, and nothing came for them.

With a collective sigh from all of them, they faced Pete who was staring at his right foot.

“What was it?” Kristin asked.

“I…I don’t know,” he replied softly, “It had my foot. It…It tore my shoe.” It was true. His right shoe was a torn mess, barely a shadow of the shoe it once was.

“We need to get out of here…” Jeff muttered.

“Thank you Mr. Obvious,” Calendar snapped.

“He’s right,” Alana said, coming to his defense, “We need to try to find some other survivors of whatever this was.”

“What exactly was it?” Jeff asked.

Alana turned toward him, her face a mask of sadness, “I wish I knew.”

Saturday, March 22, 2008

RP07: Season 3 is on!!!

so, as of today, about 20 minutes before posting this, Fractured 0 has posted up a new video.

Also, you, the viewers, can respond in any way (forums, comments, even a video!), and help make sure these puzzles get solved in time (when there is a time limit)!

so hurry hurry hurry and watch and see what happens!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

RP07: Season 3: What's to come

okay, so this entry is about what's to be expected in Season (Volume) 3 of RP07, entitled Song.

Like I said on the forums, this season is one big puzzle, in the way that KateModern's 2nd season is. Except, without a murder (yet). There is going to be changes for all of the old faces, and some new ones as well. This season goes into what goes on in everybody's mind. It's going to be a little weird, and at times sorta scary, but all in all, it's going to still have the story going forward.

As if that made any sense...

Just watch and you shall see! (^_^)V

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

RP07 character descripts: Contre l'Oppression

Alright alright...I got lazy and didn't do this yesterday like Ishould have, but w/e...

RP07: Contre l'Oppression

What's there deal?
~>~ well, Contre l'Oppression (CO for now) is a split branch of the Hymn of One, in the similar strand of La Rezisto. However, it is the only youtube channel that in fact has multiple users.

Volume 1?

~>~ The entirety of volume one is from the POV of the Agent. At the time, he was a force against BluePeep39 as well as Sam. In the first video, they state that the Specialist Sam saw was in fact a lie, and it was latr confirmed that the whole visit was a setup.

Volmue 2?

~>~ Volume 2 saw the Agent's split from CO, and he claimed to want to help Fractured 0 in her attempt to save Sam before his ceremony. However, the first video seen from CO in Volume 2 was a message from the leader of CO to another agent now assigned to the retrieval of Sam, and the elimination of the Agent.
The Agent was able to locate and discover what it was that Sam or someone else had hidden at Blowing Rocks Preserve, and found plane tickets to Europe and medical papers claiming than Sam was Trait Positive.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

RP07 character descripts: Fractured 0

The main player of Volume 2: Time. She's a member what is known as The Family. Not much is known about her, except that her cousin is on assignment in California watching someone "of great interest." Known on the LG15 forums as (/)

> So what's she been doing in Volume 2?

~>~ She appeared on the LG15 forums, with a video stating that she noticed somethings that were odd in her book. And after some interaction, she revealed a little about herself, and that this was her first real assignment, and was hoping that she didn't screw it up.

So when the videos came out stating the date of the ceremony, she fought hard to find the location of Sam, but in the end failed. It was at this point she was called back to her "home" until it was decided if she could keep up with the workload. She however, came back to Miami, and had been working with the Agent to find out information on what happened to Sam.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

"The End" chappie 3

CHAPTER THREE: “Vanished.”

“How’re you doing?” Kristin called down to Pete. The hole had come out of nowhere, and swallowed up almost the entire street in front of his apartment.

“Fine. Ya know,” Pete replied, “They told us to expect one of these sinkholes, but I doubt they thought it’d be this big, y’know?”

Kristin laughed, “We got told stuff like that all the time too.”

“You’re not from around here, are you?”

“No, I’m from California, L.A.”

“Wow, what’d a girl from a place like that end up here in New York?”

“Long story.”

“Gonna be here for a while, got nothing better to do,” he smiled up at her. Man, was she beautiful.

“Long, complicated story. I needed to find someone about something.”

“That sounds wrong on too many levels,” Pete smirked. His grip was loosening on the steel rod he was holding on to. If he let go, it’d be a very, very long fall. He had no idea the subway went that deep.

Unless the subway sunk too.

“Pervert,” Kristin smiled, bringing Pete back unknowingly from the brink of death.

“Can’t help it, it’s the end of the world and all. Procreation’s on the mind,” he replied while yelling at himself, Idiot! Why’d you go and say that? Now she’ll never be into you!

“I can’t blame you, I guess. If the three of us are the only one’s on Earth, I guess I’m gonna be like Eve, huh?”

Wasn’t expecting that. Okay, so how to respond?

“Well, I doubt that Jeff would be a good mom, y’know?” Oh, that was brilliant!

“I wouldn’t know. Don’t have much knowledge with moms,” Kristin said softly, as if she didn’t want him to hear it.

Great, now you’ve got her depressed! Time to do some damage control…

“Look, I…Uh…I’m not that smart. I say stupid things a lot. I…I’m sorry. Forget I mentioned it,” Pete said.

“No, it’s okay, really. It’s just that that was the reason for me coming here. I needed to find my aunt, and ask her about some of my family and its past, that’s all.”

“She knows a lot about them? Your parents?” He tried to reposition himself on the small outcropping he had underneath him, palms sweating. Where was Jeff with that damn rope?

“She raised me actually. And, she wasn’t, isn’t, my real aunt. She sorta adopted me after my mom had me. My dad had died, or so my mom told her, and for my mom, she ran off. Vanished.”

“Oh, wow. I’m sorry.”

Kristin looked down the hole at him. Pete could tell she was on the brink of tears, but she was fighting it hard.

“You need to stop apologizing, and get a better grip on the bar. I’m past all the family drama. I just needed some info about my real aunt. Heard that she was some unsung hero in the War.”
The War. It had happened long before any of them had been born. Around thirty years ago. A lot had happened then. Many people had died, and others…others didn’t even seem human afterward. It was best not think about the countries that were still recovering from the attacks.

“Your aunt was in the War?” Pete asked. How old is she?

“Yeah, she was only about 22…23 then,” Kristin answered, “My mom was only 15 at the time.”

“Your mom was our age when she had you?” Again with the dumb questions???

“Yeah, thereabout. Pretty weird, right? Oh hey! Here comes what’s-his-name…”

“Jeff? Jeff’s back?”

“Yeah, and he brought company,” Kristin groaned.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"The End" Chapter 2

CHAPTER TWO: “Maybe, we’re not really here.”

“It’s like everything is gone…” Jessica Avery whispered. It just didn’t seem right to talk in a normal volume in a graveyard. And that was exactly what this place was: a graveyard.

Well, not a graveyard per se, but it was as close to one as it was going to get.

“Well,” Dominic had said, “most airports are dead this time of day. No flights come in the middle of the day, that’s just…insane.”

“More like everyone. Did any of you notice that we were the only ones to get off of the plane?” Spencer asked from next to the vending machine.

“I just figured it was because we were sleeping and they didn’t want to disturb us,” Dominic replied.

“Brits really are that egotistical,” Jessica laughed, her own Irish accent coming out in full.

“Oh, right, and you’re lot aren’t?” Dominic snapped, knowing where this was going.

“Horny, egotistical whiny children.”

“Loud, drunk brutes.”

“Do any of you have any quarters?” Spencer asked.


The three walked carefully around the concourses, trying to see if they could find any sign of what had happened inside the airport. Or outside for that matter.

“Has anybody seen or heard anybody come inside? I mean, you’d think what with the place being empty and all, we’d hear a door open or something, right?” Jessica asked.

“Maybe we’re not really here,” Spencer replied, taking a sip of his soda.

“Like we’re dreaming? Never had a dream like this, I can tell you that,” Dominic answered.

“No, like we’re dead.”

Jessica spun on Spencer, yelling, “We are not dead! If either one of you even begins to think in that sense again, I swear to you both now, I – Will – Kill – You – My – Self. Do I make myself clear?”

Dominic and Spencer stood, stunned. Jessica’s usually the calm, collected one, not strung out, or stressed, or paranoid, like they were.

This must be bugging her badly.


“I think I hear someone,” Dominic spoke, after nearly thirty minutes of silence (the airport was that large).

“Are you sure it’s not just the wind?” Spencer.

“There’s no wind in here, idiot. Everything’s sealed tight, remember?”

“Fine, maybe it’s the AC then.”

“In case you missed it, the AC doesn’t seem to be working right now!”

“Would you both just SHUT UP?!” Jessica exploded. The two guys fell into silence again, looking downward to avoid her eyes.

Dominic had heard a voice. It was coming down the end of the concourse they were in. They ran down to find the person, and who they found was a woman. She was around her mid 40’s, and showed it. When asked what her name was, she replied in a French accent:


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RP07 character descipts: BluePeep39

>Who is she?

~>~ BluePeep39 appears to be the main antagonist in RP07. She's very cold-hearted, and appears to get pleasure out of pain.

>Her deal in Volume 1?

~>~ BluePeep originally responded to Sam (RMECPirate07) about his dreams. She said there was a reason behind them, and promised to help him figure it out. After he found out that someone was hacking into his myspace, he changed the password, and ended up cancelling the acount. He began to doubt her intentions.

Eventually, Sam joined the Hymn of One for a time, and BluePeep began to claim that "he is ours." At the time, it wasn't known what was meant by that, all was known was that it was directed to Contre l'Oppression (Contreleoppression on youtube).

After Sam escaped from her control, he went into hiding of sorts, and later announced the camping trip, in which he was once again put under BluePeep's watch.

>Volume 2?

~>~ Volume 2 saw very little of BluePeep39. Her only appearances were to gloat at the fact that Fractured 0 and the Agent (of Contre l'Oppression) were unable to find and save Sam before his ceremony. She also appears after a Mole was revealed in California, claiming that "they can run but they cannot hide. We have the Eye." At this time, it is not known what is meant by this.

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The End: my NaNoWriMo '07 entry

Prologue: None of the Fifty knew what was to come.

It started with Fifty. After everything that had happened to the world, the true threat, the true danger, started with the Fifty.

Nobody realized at the time what would possibly happen. They were nothing more than survivors of what they called simply as The Fall. No one could really tell what The Fall was exactly, but considering the result, it didn’t seem all that important. Maybe after everything was normal, after things settled down, they would begin to try to piece together what The Fall was. And who caused it.

What mattered now was survival. The Fifty were all over the country, not knowing that others existed. For all they knew, the scattered groups were the only survivors.
None of the Fifty knew what was to come. Except for one. The girl. Danielle.

CHAPTER ONE: What he needed to do was find someone alive.

Three things were brought to Jeff Westerfeld’s attention when he walked into his apartment: It was silent inside. He remembered leaving the radio on that morning (a feeble attempt to keep possible thieves at bay). The second being that his bedroom door was locked even though it was wide open. The third being, the date was three days off.

This last was the most interesting. According to the medical record he found on his bed in the hospital, he had been in a coma for those three days.

Hmph, he thought, go to sleep for three days, wake up to find no one alive. Or any bodies for that matter, but he refused to let that get into his head. If he did, it would tear him apart. What he needed to do was try to find someone alive. He couldn’t be the only one in the whole city…right?


Jeff glanced down the hall. Did he hear a scream? That had to be one. He wasn’t alone! Jeff darted down the hall toward where he thought the scream had come from.

“Hello?!” He called out. Hoping to hear something, anything, in return. A beat. Another. He started to give up hope when he heard the scream again. Then another. Outside!

Jeff practically leaped down the stairwell (a full three floors) and ran into the street. He looked around. He couldn’t see anything but cars and trash. He could’ve sworn he had heard the yelling.
“Help!” Jeff’s head whipped to the left. Just down the street, about 2 blocks away, a girl! She was running toward Jeff, full tilt, short blonde hair flying behind her.

What could be making her run like that? As she got closer, Jeff suddenly realized that he recognized the girl. Her name was Kristin something…Harris? No, Hannigan. He nodded to himself, that was her name, Kristin Hannigan.

“Come-quick-now,” she said between deep breaths. “He needs help.”

“Doesn’t matter. Shouldn’t matter, should it? He needs help, and I can’t do it alone,” she grabbed Jeff’s wrist and began to run back the way she came.

“Whoa. Wait. What’s going on?”

She turned to face him. Doesn’t it matter right now? No. Right now, we need to save him. If we don’t he will die. Got it?”

“…Okay. I’ll come. Just…can you tell me where everyone is?”

She stared at him, complete shock and confusion on her face.
“You don’t know?”

“Kristin, does it look like I know?”

“How do you…?”

“You were the new girl. Conflagration? The club? I kinda co-own it,” he explained.

“Oh. Oh man. Now you definitely need to come help,” she started to run down the street again. Jeff sighed and ran after her.


When Jeff caught up to Kristin, he saw the reason why she was so desperate for help.

“Pete! Hold on!” Jeff yelled down the hole to the man hanging on to a scrap of metal.

“Hey, Jeff! Nice of you to wake up! Bad timing though,” Pete called up to Jeff. Pete and Jeff were the co-owners of the just opened club, Conflagration. The name seemed appropriate to them, considering their pasts. Too many fights, too much booze, just a fiery blur.

“No kidding,” Jeff laughed. He turned to Kristin. “Any rope?”

“I checked. The only thing I could find was some wiring from a hardware store, not strong enough.”

Jeff looked around. Okay, no rope. Wait!

“The Courthouse!” Jeff exclaimed.

Pete groaned from the hole beneath them, “Do you really think now’s the time to go talk ourselves outta that mandatory interrogation?”

“No, there’s a flagpole outside of it. Flagpole means rope,” Jeff glanced around trying to remember where the courthouse was in relation to where they now stood.

“North,” Kristin supplied the direction. When Jeff stared at her, she explained, “I’ve had to go there a few times recently.”

“Okay, well, stay with Pete while I go and get the flag down. I won’t be long.”

“Not going anywhere.”

“Neither am I,” Pete called from inside the hole.

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character descripts, RMECPirate07

Okay, so Volume 2 of RP07 is in its final video soon, and I figured I should drop some simple character descripts. Mind you, these are only the ones that have been commonplace among the past 2 volumes:

(note: this is prone to change as links are added for easier understanding)

RMECPirate07- the lead. Not sure of what's going on throughout much of Volume 1, but throughout Volume 2, he is seldom seen.

>The deal in Volume 1?
~>~The real drama begins when he notices that there are people following him. Shortly thereafter, he receives a box. Not much could be figured out about the Box at the time, other than there was only a P.O. number as a return address.
After one night in which one of those that were watching/following him, he went into hiding, and was AWOL for a time (except for a few text vids). Upon his return, we were greeted by a video involving a trip to a Specialist, and what happened the weekend that followed. There were concerns that the Specialist had given something to alter his personality, and for a time, joined the Hymn of One. This was later confirmed when the business card was not to the office, but to a florist. This caused him to avoid making videos and hide again, but when he left for a camping trip, he was captured by BluePeep39.

>Volume 2?
~>~Unable to get a hold of a camera for a majority of the time, he was only able to communicate through text videos. These videos stated that something big and potentially bad was going to happen on the 20th of January. He wasn not able to say his exact location, but dropped clues as to find the area. The puzzle was solved but was a little late and Fractured 0 was unable to reach him before a "ceremony" was performed.
a few weeks later it was discovered that the Box was placed inside Blowing Rocks Preserve, as somehow clues were dropped in a video showing him as a recruiter for the Hymn of One. The Box contains something that the Agent from ContreleOppression has claimed will "change everything."
It is unsure at this present time what exactly has happened to him.

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'Tis the First!

alrighty...then...umm...when I get the chance, I'm gonna go and put more stuff on here...



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