Sunday, March 23, 2008

"The End" chappie 4

CHAPTER FOUR: “Thank you Mr. Obvious.”

“What’s going on? Who’d he bring?” Kristin heard Pete ask, but she wasn’t paying attention to him. Her eyes were stuck on the two women that were with Jeff. Both were older than the three of them, but still looked young. One was obviously Hispanic, and the other had to have some European country in her.

Kristin knew both of these women. Their names were Alana Gonzalez, and Michelle Calendar.

Alana was okay, she had helped Kristin get her rather short job at Conflagration. As for Calendar…Well, easily put, no bitch was worse. Calendar had a nasty habit of wanting Kristin and at least two other people in jail constantly. And by the look on Jeff’s face, as he ran up to her rope in hand, he was one of the other to people.

Well, Kristin thought, isn’t this going to be a happy little reunion of friends?

“You’re here too? I should of guessed it. Let me guess, that loser with no hair’s still hanging on?” Calendar sneered.

“For your information, I’m not bald! I do have hair! I just like it short!” Pete called from the hole.


“Are you okay?” Alana called, ignoring the other woman. Considering they were both social workers for all three of them it seemed really odd how different they were. Good and evil. Yin and Yang.

Oh, and the fact that they were both also still in the city was adding more to the oddity of it all.

“Yeah, I’m fine ma’am. Just how much long…er…GUYS? HURRY!!” Pete screamed.

“What? What is it?” Kristin asked, panic apparent in her voice.

“There’s something down here!”

Kristin looked at Jeff. He was just standing there, stunned.

“Give me the rope!” she yelled, and pulled it away from him. He gave it up without a fight.

“Let me help,” Alana said, helping untangle an end of the rope from its knot.

“C’mon…It’s seen me! I know it! It’s gonna get me, hurry!”

Kristin freed her end and threw it down the hole. She felt a tug. With a nod to Alana, the two women began to pull Pete from the hole. Just as they could see his head, a force pulled him back down.

“HELP!” Alana, Kristin, and Pete screamed. It knocked Jeff from his stasis, and with his help and Calendar’s, they pulled Pete from the hole entirely.

The five of them scrambled away from the hole, and turned and stared…Waited for something to come out after them. Minutes passed, and nothing came for them.

With a collective sigh from all of them, they faced Pete who was staring at his right foot.

“What was it?” Kristin asked.

“I…I don’t know,” he replied softly, “It had my foot. It…It tore my shoe.” It was true. His right shoe was a torn mess, barely a shadow of the shoe it once was.

“We need to get out of here…” Jeff muttered.

“Thank you Mr. Obvious,” Calendar snapped.

“He’s right,” Alana said, coming to his defense, “We need to try to find some other survivors of whatever this was.”

“What exactly was it?” Jeff asked.

Alana turned toward him, her face a mask of sadness, “I wish I knew.”

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