Sunday, March 9, 2008

character descripts, RMECPirate07

Okay, so Volume 2 of RP07 is in its final video soon, and I figured I should drop some simple character descripts. Mind you, these are only the ones that have been commonplace among the past 2 volumes:

(note: this is prone to change as links are added for easier understanding)

RMECPirate07- the lead. Not sure of what's going on throughout much of Volume 1, but throughout Volume 2, he is seldom seen.

>The deal in Volume 1?
~>~The real drama begins when he notices that there are people following him. Shortly thereafter, he receives a box. Not much could be figured out about the Box at the time, other than there was only a P.O. number as a return address.
After one night in which one of those that were watching/following him, he went into hiding, and was AWOL for a time (except for a few text vids). Upon his return, we were greeted by a video involving a trip to a Specialist, and what happened the weekend that followed. There were concerns that the Specialist had given something to alter his personality, and for a time, joined the Hymn of One. This was later confirmed when the business card was not to the office, but to a florist. This caused him to avoid making videos and hide again, but when he left for a camping trip, he was captured by BluePeep39.

>Volume 2?
~>~Unable to get a hold of a camera for a majority of the time, he was only able to communicate through text videos. These videos stated that something big and potentially bad was going to happen on the 20th of January. He wasn not able to say his exact location, but dropped clues as to find the area. The puzzle was solved but was a little late and Fractured 0 was unable to reach him before a "ceremony" was performed.
a few weeks later it was discovered that the Box was placed inside Blowing Rocks Preserve, as somehow clues were dropped in a video showing him as a recruiter for the Hymn of One. The Box contains something that the Agent from ContreleOppression has claimed will "change everything."
It is unsure at this present time what exactly has happened to him.

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