Wednesday, May 21, 2008

okay, this is a true sign I am a LOST freak....

I had a dream about it. In my opinion, this would be a kick ass ending for the current season (season 4).

We see a plane landing, it's an Oceanic Airlines plane. As it touches down we CUT to...

KATE's face. She looks kinda bored, like she's been flying for hours...we hear an alarm sound and the sound of metal groaning CUT

The PLANE is seen on the runway, splitting in half. The back half skids out of sight/off screen.
the front half begins to lean back and begins to scrape the runway. CUT

KATE again. She seems to have been expecting this. She is not panicked like the other passengers, she almost keeps the same expression from before until she looks out of the window...She then shows an expression of complete shock/horror and then CUT TO BLACK

and then we hear the Smoke Monster's siren and creaking noises....then LOST

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