Wednesday, April 9, 2008

RP07- How different things could've been

As most of you know, Volume 2 had a major puzzle inside of it. Unfortunately, it wasn't solved soon enough to do much good. And as such (you shall face our wrath! ^-^) the season and in fact the series took a much more darker turn.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that I'm blaming y'all for that, in fact, I had two different storylines to go off of from that timeframe of the base-8 puzzle. The current path just so happens to be the much longer and more creative of the 2, so actually I'm happy that you didn't solve the puzzle in time (me: I just wrote that???)!

If things had prgressed differently, the series probably would've ended this season, and been a lot more brighter as a finale, but since the series is now a very different series, it has to be reworked and has become better than I had hoped.

I mean, I never would've had two new characters if the puzzle was solved earlier! So basically this is a really big thank you to all of you out there!!!!!

Also, I would like to thank *Academy Awards music picks up and gets louder* Greg Gallows and Virginian9000 for putting up my videos on LG15 guys are awesome! And to Diane, for being a huge help in with me getting to know how things work on the forums!

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