Tuesday, March 18, 2008

RP07 character descripts: Contre l'Oppression

Alright alright...I got lazy and didn't do this yesterday like Ishould have, but w/e...

RP07: Contre l'Oppression

What's there deal?
~>~ well, Contre l'Oppression (CO for now) is a split branch of the Hymn of One, in the similar strand of La Rezisto. However, it is the only youtube channel that in fact has multiple users.

Volume 1?

~>~ The entirety of volume one is from the POV of the Agent. At the time, he was a force against BluePeep39 as well as Sam. In the first video, they state that the Specialist Sam saw was in fact a lie, and it was latr confirmed that the whole visit was a setup.

Volmue 2?

~>~ Volume 2 saw the Agent's split from CO, and he claimed to want to help Fractured 0 in her attempt to save Sam before his ceremony. However, the first video seen from CO in Volume 2 was a message from the leader of CO to another agent now assigned to the retrieval of Sam, and the elimination of the Agent.
The Agent was able to locate and discover what it was that Sam or someone else had hidden at Blowing Rocks Preserve, and found plane tickets to Europe and medical papers claiming than Sam was Trait Positive.

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