Thursday, March 13, 2008

"The End" Chapter 2

CHAPTER TWO: “Maybe, we’re not really here.”

“It’s like everything is gone…” Jessica Avery whispered. It just didn’t seem right to talk in a normal volume in a graveyard. And that was exactly what this place was: a graveyard.

Well, not a graveyard per se, but it was as close to one as it was going to get.

“Well,” Dominic had said, “most airports are dead this time of day. No flights come in the middle of the day, that’s just…insane.”

“More like everyone. Did any of you notice that we were the only ones to get off of the plane?” Spencer asked from next to the vending machine.

“I just figured it was because we were sleeping and they didn’t want to disturb us,” Dominic replied.

“Brits really are that egotistical,” Jessica laughed, her own Irish accent coming out in full.

“Oh, right, and you’re lot aren’t?” Dominic snapped, knowing where this was going.

“Horny, egotistical whiny children.”

“Loud, drunk brutes.”

“Do any of you have any quarters?” Spencer asked.


The three walked carefully around the concourses, trying to see if they could find any sign of what had happened inside the airport. Or outside for that matter.

“Has anybody seen or heard anybody come inside? I mean, you’d think what with the place being empty and all, we’d hear a door open or something, right?” Jessica asked.

“Maybe we’re not really here,” Spencer replied, taking a sip of his soda.

“Like we’re dreaming? Never had a dream like this, I can tell you that,” Dominic answered.

“No, like we’re dead.”

Jessica spun on Spencer, yelling, “We are not dead! If either one of you even begins to think in that sense again, I swear to you both now, I – Will – Kill – You – My – Self. Do I make myself clear?”

Dominic and Spencer stood, stunned. Jessica’s usually the calm, collected one, not strung out, or stressed, or paranoid, like they were.

This must be bugging her badly.


“I think I hear someone,” Dominic spoke, after nearly thirty minutes of silence (the airport was that large).

“Are you sure it’s not just the wind?” Spencer.

“There’s no wind in here, idiot. Everything’s sealed tight, remember?”

“Fine, maybe it’s the AC then.”

“In case you missed it, the AC doesn’t seem to be working right now!”

“Would you both just SHUT UP?!” Jessica exploded. The two guys fell into silence again, looking downward to avoid her eyes.

Dominic had heard a voice. It was coming down the end of the concourse they were in. They ran down to find the person, and who they found was a woman. She was around her mid 40’s, and showed it. When asked what her name was, she replied in a French accent:


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