Tuesday, March 11, 2008

RP07 character descipts: BluePeep39

>Who is she?

~>~ BluePeep39 appears to be the main antagonist in RP07. She's very cold-hearted, and appears to get pleasure out of pain.

>Her deal in Volume 1?

~>~ BluePeep originally responded to Sam (RMECPirate07) about his dreams. She said there was a reason behind them, and promised to help him figure it out. After he found out that someone was hacking into his myspace, he changed the password, and ended up cancelling the acount. He began to doubt her intentions.

Eventually, Sam joined the Hymn of One for a time, and BluePeep began to claim that "he is ours." At the time, it wasn't known what was meant by that, all was known was that it was directed to Contre l'Oppression (Contreleoppression on youtube).

After Sam escaped from her control, he went into hiding of sorts, and later announced the camping trip, in which he was once again put under BluePeep's watch.

>Volume 2?

~>~ Volume 2 saw very little of BluePeep39. Her only appearances were to gloat at the fact that Fractured 0 and the Agent (of Contre l'Oppression) were unable to find and save Sam before his ceremony. She also appears after a Mole was revealed in California, claiming that "they can run but they cannot hide. We have the Eye." At this time, it is not known what is meant by this.

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