Sunday, March 16, 2008

RP07 character descripts: Fractured 0

The main player of Volume 2: Time. She's a member what is known as The Family. Not much is known about her, except that her cousin is on assignment in California watching someone "of great interest." Known on the LG15 forums as (/)

> So what's she been doing in Volume 2?

~>~ She appeared on the LG15 forums, with a video stating that she noticed somethings that were odd in her book. And after some interaction, she revealed a little about herself, and that this was her first real assignment, and was hoping that she didn't screw it up.

So when the videos came out stating the date of the ceremony, she fought hard to find the location of Sam, but in the end failed. It was at this point she was called back to her "home" until it was decided if she could keep up with the workload. She however, came back to Miami, and had been working with the Agent to find out information on what happened to Sam.

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