Thursday, May 22, 2008

"it's all love"

love. it's always about love. after the sun sets on our day, our minds are always thinking about that one person that completes us. We may not know it's them, but the thought always crops up in one way or another. It could have been an argument with that person about something stupid, or finding them alone in the hallway, but the memory will show up for even a brief moment.

But this isn't about thinking about love. This is all about not letting it go. When you have it, when it is on your hands, don't ever take it for granted. Find that one person and hold on to them. Do not let them go. Because you never know if that one moment with them will be the last you have. It's scary to think like that, but if you never hold on to love, it leaves and becomes the thing of tragic poems and epic Shakespearean tragedies.

So hold on to love. Please. That's what we were always meant to find in this world, and if we leave it without ever letting the one know, it makes everything, EVERYTHING, seem pointless.

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