Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new piece, acoustic

You know they say that heartache hurts
And that it helps us grow in the end
But they don’t know how much
It pains me to be from you

But it’s okay I guess
They’ll learn it all one day
I keep doin’ my best
To make it on my way

But oh, how I wish to be with you
Tonight and all of this day

Friday, April 25, 2008

Here's a snippet of my new work

Stand up my brothers
Raise up your arms

This war is cruel it can't be refined
The blood of the innocent has been spilled
Together we stand our will won't be denied
Our march for justice will not be stilled

Okay, I'm really sorry that RP07 hasn't been as intense as may have been hoped, but the video will be up soon that will blow y'all away...I hope.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Ignorant, you fools lie in soft beds
None notice how hard it is to breathe
As the clouds fall over our heads
A storm gathers out upon the sea

Look up into the sky
Don’t you see the birds fly’n low?
Don’t you all realize
That our end is coming now?

It’s coming now the swirling storm of death
And you never listened to my warnings
So after this night of flood and hellish breath
We’ll see who has survived in the morning

For from the rubble we shall rise again
And our past transgressions be forgiven

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

new Lyrics: "The Herald"

[this is something I've been working on since last night, and it's coming along nicely, just needs a few more lines, and well, of course, music, but evs...here it is!]

Ignorant while you lie in soft beds
None notice how hard it is to breathe
The clouds are falling over our heads
A storm is growing out in the sea

Look up into the sky
Don't you see the birds fly'n low?
Don't you all realize
That our end is coming now

It's coming now
The swirling storm of pain
And you never listened to my warnings

Sunday, April 13, 2008

RP07- delay in videos?

I'm having some troubles trying to do the filming necessary to continue the plotline in the desired direction, but that doesn't exactly mean that the others in the series should stop. Alex and Liv: feel free to post videos as often as you see fit, and I'll try to help where I can.

I hope to be able to put a couple of videos up real soon, so hold on tight guys!


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

RP07- How different things could've been

As most of you know, Volume 2 had a major puzzle inside of it. Unfortunately, it wasn't solved soon enough to do much good. And as such (you shall face our wrath! ^-^) the season and in fact the series took a much more darker turn.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that I'm blaming y'all for that, in fact, I had two different storylines to go off of from that timeframe of the base-8 puzzle. The current path just so happens to be the much longer and more creative of the 2, so actually I'm happy that you didn't solve the puzzle in time (me: I just wrote that???)!

If things had prgressed differently, the series probably would've ended this season, and been a lot more brighter as a finale, but since the series is now a very different series, it has to be reworked and has become better than I had hoped.

I mean, I never would've had two new characters if the puzzle was solved earlier! So basically this is a really big thank you to all of you out there!!!!!

Also, I would like to thank *Academy Awards music picks up and gets louder* Greg Gallows and Virginian9000 for putting up my videos on LG15 Today...you guys are awesome! And to Diane, for being a huge help in with me getting to know how things work on the forums!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

RP07 Volume 3 characters & a video puzzle

Okay, so now that Volume (season, w/e) 3 of RP07 is up and running, I thought I should give all of you a some insight as to just who is now a part of things:

There's the usual (RMEC, BluePeep, Contre, Fractured)

and as you may have noticed, RETROGIRL87 has joined.

Also, GONOODLES is a member of the crew, and has posted up a video that is has a simple puzzle element to it.

so any assistance will be appreciated by everyone (especially The Agent and Fractured), so go use your totally superior puzzle solving skills and help them out!

also, because i have no idea what the puzzle even says, so yeah...)